International Meteor Conference - September 17-20

The 39th International Meteor Conference (IMC 2020) will be held in Hortobágy, Hungary. The location is at the Great Hungarian Plain, Hortobágy area, nearby a village called Poroszló. The International Meteor Organization was founded in Hungary (the initiative was decided here) in 1989 at Lake Balaton at the 1989 IMC in Balatonfoldvar, which was the 8th of its kind. In 2020, the IMC will visit Hungary for the second time.

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The location is at the lake called Tisza-tó, at the area of the Natural Reserve Hortobágy. The organizers are the Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences (CSFK) , and the Konkoly Thege Astronomical Institute, working on several meteor astronomy related topics, including the running of fireball camera observations, lunar impact flash monitoring, infrasound system searching for atmospheric blasts, and laboratory based analysis of meteorites. There is a long tradition on asteroid observations, which are connected to sporadic meteors and comet observations related to meteor showers. Direct and close link exists between CSFK and the Hungarian Astronomical Association, the main amateur astronomy oriented organization in Hungary covering meteor observations.

The conference site can be reached by 1.5 hour driving from Budapest. For persons arriving to the airport, a shuttle service will be provided.

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We are looking forward to seeing you in Hungary!
The Local Organization Committee.