Hortobágy National Park

The Saturday afternoon excursion will allow you to visit the Hortobágy National Park.

The excursion will contain two parts, participants will be divided at least two groups, with alternating site visit, altogether for 2-3 hours:

1) The walking along the “water pathway” that follows of a 1.5 km long wooden plank system above the water, meandering in the reed system. The pathway crosses 3 small islands, 2 bird watching hovels and a 15m high scene watching tower. Information tables and guides will help you to get familiar with the unique plants and animals there.

2) The boat trip also takes you thought the natural reserve, visiting such hidden locations that are not accessible during the walk. The natural environment is almost intact at the excursion site, thus please follow the directions and the rules explained by the guides, and consider the environment, keeping your trash with you and bring it back to the hotel.